Are Private Investigators Legal and How they can Help You?
March 2, 2020 /

Are Private Investigators Legal and How they can Help You?

Thanks to publications, cinemas, and events, several people have a mental picture of a Private Investigator. Fictional detectives, including Sherlock Holmes and Philip Marlowe, have also helped in describing who PIs are and their roles. They don’t necessarily have to work in questionable environments or even tell everyone their specialization.

Private Investigator companies have existed for more than 100 years. From the pioneer private detective agency in France in 1833, Pinkerton National Detective Agency in 1850 to several PI Agencies in the world today, including PIPROs.

CSPIS reports that Private Investigators have one of the best offers in the commercial sector in Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, PI careers grew by 33.6% in Ontario on a five-year period that police careers recorded a 6.8% shrink.

If you’re interested in discovering if PIs are legal and want to know how they can help you, read on patiently.

Are Private Investigators Legal?

Private Investigators are legal practitioners.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines private investigators as professionals who must gather clues and verify facts for their cases.

PIs are professionals who spend several years of modern training to earn a high school diploma. PIs in Ontario are licensed and regulated at the provincial level by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services (MCSCS). In addition to a high school diploma, one must be 18 years old or older, have a clean criminal record, and by application to be qualified as a licensed PI.

With the rise in cyber-crimes and security issues throughout the country, the demand for PIs continues to increase rapidly. Mass cyber-attacks and increased access to stored public data makes people feel vulnerable and in need of safety surveillance experts. Hence, the need for PIs.

Private Investigator Services, and how can they help you?

Private Investigator professionals collect “dirt” information about legal, financial, and private cases. They can work almost across all sectors, depending on their specialty and interest.

While some PI experts choose a lucrative industry like counter-espionage, others work with official agencies, lawyers, financial sectors such as banks, or even for private individuals.

Here are some unique services Private Investigators specialize in:

WSIB Fraud

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) claims cost firms in countless ways, including time, resources, revenue, reputation, and many more. While employers can investigate WSIB claims themselves, however, it’s prudent to hire the services of a PI company for such a task. They help you determine if WSIB fraud or falsehood is occurring and keep a proper document of such findings.

A professional PI specializes in discovering WSIB fraud. They deploy thorough investigation methods, including background checks, accident investigations, and comprehensive research & investigations to uncover fraudulent claims such as theft, fire, casualty, and injury claims.

Helping You Discover a Cheating Spouse

Nothing stings like discovering a cheating spouse. However, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, experts believe hiring a PI is your sure bet in handling this. Not only does this prevent things from going “wild,” but it can also help validate your claims and documents to use in court.

While it may be a nice idea to snoop on your spouse, never confront them to avoid escalating issues, and to put your relationship on the fence.

Investigative Research

Private Investigators can help with Investigative Research to collect vital information for a case. They engage in research such as skiptracing, useful when you need to find someone or know about the whereabouts of someone who absconded. They can also help perform background checks to legally discover detailed information about an individual, such as an employee.

Additionally, a PI can help you know the financial viability of someone you’re entering into a personal or business partnership with.

Concluding Thoughts

Not limited to these, Private Investigator services can also include providing investigating a corporate investigation, false insurance claims, and offering security consulting services. Regardless of their specialization and career path, their skill in researching and investigating cases is second to none.

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