Service of process is a crucial step that allows a civil lawsuit to commence. This is basically a formal notification from the court letting the defendant know that a legal action is being taken against them. Of course, the defendant will be given a chance to defend themselves.

However, if the service of process is not executed properly or legally, the lawsuit cannot proceed. Therefore, if you have been wronged by an individual or business, a successful service of process is crucial to having your lawsuit heard in court.

Defendants who know this can get very creative in coming up with ways to avoid being served. In some cases, process servers can be the target of a defendant’s aggressive actions. After all, no one likes to get news about an upcoming lawsuit against them.

At PiPro Investigative Services, we have decades of experience in process serving on behalf of our clients. We understand the importance of exercising patience, avoiding conflict, and maintaining discretion when serving legal documents.

When defendants make things difficult by running or hiding, we try our best to avoid a forceful confrontation. Instead, we rely on highly-developed surveillance tactics, skip tracing, and other investigative skills.

Our clients depend on us to execute the serving of these legal documents so that their lawsuits can proceed in court. At PiPro, our record of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.