Legal and law professionals can help you with all issues that leads you to court and judgement.

Our private investigations firm has specialists that serve law offices in their capacity to service difficult court documents, locate witnesses, conduct investigations, and research relevant information to establish facts.

Witness Location

Often times we see people come to us desperate to find someone who saw an accident or another kind of incident. When it’s one person’s word against another person’s word in court, locating relevant witnesses and getting them to the stand will often be the deciding factor.

We have experience locating witnesses. Often, it’s not a matter of locating people who don’t want to be found, it’s a matter of finding people who don’t know they have relevant information. Once they are located, most people are willing to make a statement and participate in legal proceedings.

Hard to Serve Papers

Process servers sometimes fail in their efforts to deliver important court documents. The philosophy that dodging legal papers is the best way to deal with a legal problem has a growing horde of followers. Some of them are very good at it.

But PIPros have served papers all over the GTA and Canada to some hard to reach people. Our legal and law professionals can help move your case forward.

Investigation & Research

When witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, facts, details, evidence, a jury, a judge, and opposing counsel will be forces that form the outcome of a legal case, there’s a lot of particulars that are worth knowing about. An overlooked detail, a different set of eyes on a piece of evidence, a bit of history that brings a witness’ credibility into question, can turn a case.

PIPros are the extra set of eyes you need before, during, and after a trial. Our people come from a variety of different investigative backgrounds, like former cops who have experience connecting people, places, and things, and skiptrace specialists who have years of experience locating individuals and their assets.

If you are a law office in need of professional investigative services, get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can professionally and discretely help you.