Individual and families may face serious internal issues in their relationships, businesses, or joint assets. We’re here to help you with all of your private issues privately and legally.

Missing Persons

Families experience estrangements all the time. Oftentimes, the best course of action is to give the situation some time to resolve itself. Most likely, in a short period of time, a family comes to a resolution and everything returns to business as usual.

But when you’ve come to a decision that you will locate and attempt contact with a family member who has broken off contact, a professional investigator can locate individuals fast and possesses useful experience as a third party able to sometimes facilitate a better connection at the outset and help ease the family toward a resolution.

Identity Verification of Individuals and Families

People come in and out of our lives all the time. Most of them never have close enough access to our lives that they could pose a serious threat. But what about people we do let close to our hearts? Most of us haven’t had the luxury of growing up in the same neighborhood as our spouses and fiances. There is a lot we may not know about the people we become involved with.

Romantic relationships and business relationships are not totally dissimilar. Employers have a different but similar risk. We are choosing people we will be around day after day, day and night in some cases both at work and in relationships. We let them know our intimate secrets in the hope that this person will be able to help us meet greater goals. So in employment too, it’s important to know the history of who you are involved with.

Adoptee/Birth Parents

Many adoptees and birth parents create wonderful bonds with one another after going through the rigors of establishing new meaningful connections. But how best to go about booting-up those connections? Our record of quickly locating people shows we are competent investigators, while our reputation for compassion in facilitating such new relationships shows we know the best approach for the best chance at a welcome reunion.

Additionally, we understand that other reasons exist alongside the human desire for connection that requires an individual and families to determine their biological relations. In today’s world, physical reasons, as well as emotional reasons, compel many to seek their birth origin. Today’s world necessitates we each have as detailed a personal medical history as possible. The future will bring only more reasons to have a full genetic picture of our histories.

Senior Care

Most of us insist on maintaining our independence as long as possible. That includes our parents and others who are getting older and need help. Often this help comes in the form of in-home caregivers who do their work largely unsupervised.

Or perhaps, inconsistencies exist between what a care home says happened and what the evidence suggests. We can find out the kind of care a loved one is being given whether it’s in their own home or in a care facility.

Youth Issues

Runaways and other youth issues are handled professionally and with discretion.

We have located hundreds of missing children throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and into other parts of Canada and the United States. We’ve been able to return most of them home.

We also can monitor your teen to see where they go, who they are with and what they do.

You are not alone. We are here to help. Get in touch to discuss your circumstances and how we can professionally and discretely advise you.