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It’s better to know the truth. PI Pro is a reliable resource for professionals who have over three decades of experience in surveillance, background checks, investigations, and financial analysis. Our corporate customers rely on us to help them establish the facts about companies and organizations that co-exist in their space. Our individual and family clients rely on us to protect them from people who may want to cause financial or emotional harm to a loved one.

Businesses & Institutions

Perhaps a Mississauga company wants to form a relationship with a company in another part of the world but requires a focused vetting of their true financial position. In another arena, a company may want an analysis of competitor positions and relationships. These are just a few of the situations PI Pro handles with professionalism and discretion while getting you the clearest possible picture of a particular circumstance.

A private investigator in Mississauga can help with several professional investigation services including worker compensation sub-rosa defense, due diligence, surveillance, background checks, criminal defense, and fraud cases. Don’t cloud your case with the emotional turmoil of not knowing. Call Pi Pro and consult with a licensed Mississauga private investigator before you make a plan of action or make any final decisions.

Individuals & Families

Due diligence is very important in an investigation. In Mississauga, most scammers and criminals are looking for comfortable people with a kind attitude. Many of Mississauga’s residents are just that. This is the perfect hunting ground for stalkers, scammers, and criminals.

Scammers, stalkers, and criminals are very attracted to the Mississauga area. We are private investigators in your neighborhood and have sworn an oath to help and assist beyond our client’s expectations.

We can help by checking on the background of people who have entered your life. Background checks will reveal sensitive information such as criminal charges and convictions. Often times, there are reasonable explanations for such things, but it’s within your right to know who is moving into the vulnerable spaces of your life.

People have lost their savings or worse to scammers who have gained their trust, often by offering hope in a desperate situation, only to take them of their last resources.

Be smart and call trusted longtime investigators Pi Pro in Mississauga to get the evidence you need to know before you can move forward in your life with peace of mind.

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