Right security consulting can solve your many problems. Close partnerships with our clients form the basis of all our consulting work. By understanding our client operations we can better decipher vulnerabilities that may give bad actors easy access.

Our main job is to define what the risks are and how we will minimize them. Our solutions are practical, effective, and field tested over many decades. What we do is based on what we’ve seen work over the many years of our professional security and law enforcement careers. But in all of this, we work within your corporate culture and budget.

Personal Consulting

We serve private clients on a per diem or contract basis. Visitors who need the security consulting service or  security assessment or detail have relied on us for our knowledge, thoroughness, and professionalism. Toronto is our town. We know where the risks lie and how to avoid or minimize them. Clients come back again and again because of our reconnaissance and recommendations for security conscious individuals visiting the Greater Toronto Area.

If you are in need of ongoing security for yourself or your family we provide advice and strategies on complex security issues that balance personal safety, privacy, public image, and more. We work with you in whatever manner fits your needs best. Your home and property can be analyzed for better defenses and surveillance against theft and intrusion.

Corporate Security Consulting

From advising on best practices for building and personnel security to performing an internal security review, we can help you solve many security challenges like keeping inventory and equipment loss to a minimum. If you’ve had problems with disappearing inventory in your warehouse, or mysterious vanishing equipment, we can provide the eyes you need to uncover what is going on and make changes to your operations that will minimize loss and keep ongoing theft at bay.

Our vast security playbook has been updated and refined over many years by our experts who understand corporate security needs on all levels. We possess the depth of knowledge and experience to map strategies which will bring about the needed changes in your company. Whether it’s a cultural shift or technical shift that needs to happen, we provide comprehensive solutions for the corporate workplace.

Let’s discuss your situation and how we can professionally provide our security services.