Vaughan’s Full-Service Private Investigator Firm

Are you in a situation where you may need a private investigator? It’s a problem that happens to thousands of people at some point in their lives. Our team of investigators has worked on personal, corporate, and criminal cases, both as private investigators and police officers. You’ll work with a dedicated investigator who will put your case first.


A private investigator in Vaughan can legally conduct investigations such as researching arrest records, background checks, and surveillance. Our private investigators can legally go where you can’t.

Each specialty, such as families, legal practices, corporations, and insurance have its own dedicated team. Often, we can capture media that helps resolve the facts of a situation. Regardless of the type of case, we have the best people, tools, and resources to produce a fast outcome with accurate information.

Let us offer you a free consultation so we can discuss your options. We can do things like perform background checks on prospective employees, tenants, or significant others. If there’s information out there you’ll want to know about, we find it. From missing family members to workplace theft, we treat everyone with courtesy and respect on your behalf.

Making sure you have your own back, as well as those of people you care about, is important. Sometimes making sure you do the right thing entails verifying someone’s identity or performing surveillance. If you’re involved with someone who is leading you to suspect that they are deceiving you, we can help get the information needed to sort out the facts of complicated events. Contact us to start an investigation in Vaughan, Ontario.

  • Do you need a difficult asset search, a skip trace, infidelity, child custody surveillance, commercial fraud investigations, or background checks?
  • Does someone close to you strike you as having secrets? Secrets that may affect your trust are usually waiting to break that trust, not build it. The sooner you can establish the truth, the better.
  • How do you find out details about someone who may be out to cause harm to your business, personal character, or bank account? Hire a skilled private investigator in the Vaughan area to find out the facts.
  • On the business side, do you need help to determine the reality of assertions made by a potential buyer, seller, partner, or adversary? Our state-of-the-art techniques and tools allow us to get you a complete picture of someone’s financial portrait.

Our offices are scattered throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including:

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