How do you find a loved one who has disappeared, a friend, family member, debtor or a business associate who has gone missing? What about an employee who may be embezzling? Hire a skilled private investigator in the Toronto area to find out the facts.

Toronto’s Full-Service Private Investigator Firm in Toronto

Our team of investigators has over 35 years of field and corporate world experience, including experience in Toronto area law enforcement.

Beyond what you might expect from a private investigator firm, we believe in investing heavily in developing relationships with our clients. Whether it’s a cheating spouse or an employee who is stealing, we act with respect and discretion in the service of our client toward everyone involved. We are here in your Toronto neighborhood and we can help. Our private investigators are dedicated, honest, and above all results-driven. Most importantly, we believe in our relationships with our clients.

We have a professional dedicated team for each field. Every job sees the use of our state-of-the-art technology, which helps resolve both domestic and business disputes. From fraud to infidelity to finding a missing loved one, we have the best tools and resources to quickly resolve your case.


PI Pro Investigators can legally go where you can’t. A private investigator in Toronto can legally conduct investigations such as research arrest records, conduct background checks, and conduct surveillance.

A consultation with a Toronto private investigator will help you understand the range of your options. Private investigators can perform background checks on potential tenants, prospective employees, and partners. This may reveal valuable information about someone’s history, things you’ll want to know.

Protecting yourself and the ones you love is important. Whether your case entails surveillance, verification of identity and information, or background checks, Pi Pro will get the proof and information needed to help clients with complicated cases that involve scammers, stalkers, and criminals. It’s never too late to start an investigation in Toronto.

  • Do you need a difficult asset search, a skip trace, infidelity surveillance, child custody surveillance, commercial fraud investigations, or background check?
  • Does someone close to you have a dark side or a secretive past? Or, do you need to be assured of a nanny or caregiver, current or former loved one, or a potential employer?
  • Need to determine the financial status of business for the purposes of a lawsuit? Pi Pro investigators use state-of-the-art techniques and can report on a subject’s full financial portrait.

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