From insurance industry, insurance companies have called on us to investigate fraud and other insurance misuses. We have decades of experience in investigating fraud of all kinds and will perform expert investigation and analysis.

Insurance companies hire us to do surveillance of injured parties and/or their property to verify the veracity of their claims. First, we search to see if an individual’s social media will lend any insight into a person’s injuries, do they talk about their injury on social media, if so, what do they say and do their statements line up with what they have told insurance companies. At the very least, we can get an idea of what our claimant looks like, where they live, and possibly the places they like to frequent.

We will often wait outside a claimant’s home or public place they like to spend time. We document people coming and going from their homes, doing yard work, going shopping, participating in sports, and building a set of media that will either confirm or discredit the claimant’s accounts of their injuries.

We conclude our investigations by preparing and submitting a report for the insurance company’s review. The report will contain any media as well as notes and analysis. If surveillance shows behavior that’s a dramatic departure from what the subject describes in their own reporting, it’s going to affect the outcome of any negotiation or court case.

Every case in insurance industry is unique. Get in touch to discuss your circumstances and how we can professionally and discretely advise you.