Investigative research is as important as your trust factor. Employers trust our thoroughness. Fiances trust our discretion. If you are considering entrusting someone with access to personal or business finances and secrets, you’re going to want to know this person’s background, warts and all.

Investigative Research to find Details

You never know what a piece of evidence, a snippet of text, a time of day, or a thousand other details will tell you at the end of the day. It’s no cliche that private investigators discover the importance of a detail long after they’ve found it. The same goes true for police investigators, attorneys, and sometimes doctors.

Investigative research involves collecting information from various sources, many of them digital, but also by applying the old-school methods of interviews and surveillance that still play a significant role in the playbook.

We get called to do investigative research in a number of scenarios. Below are some of the most common ones:

Skiptrace & Locate

Our clients have many reasons for wanting to find someone, and those people being sought have many reasons for not wanting to be found. Whether it’s a skip trace situation where we are looking for someone who is actively trying to lay low in order to serve them papers or acquire information in pursuit of a debt collection, or discovering the whereabouts of estranged family members, we treat our clients and the people we are looking for with sincere respect and sensitivity.

Background Checks with Investigative Research

PIPro can legally access detailed records establishing a detailed history of an individual and compare it with information that’s been voluntarily given.

We will often uncover prior criminal charges and/or convictions, large debts, prior business dealings, employment history, educational history, and personal geography. We put all this in a complete report to give you a complete picture of the subject.

Financial Viability

Are you entering into a personal or business partnership with someone? Are you forming a partnership or considering a purchase offer for your business? In circumstances where you’ll be agreeing to a long term financial arrangement with another person or entity, accurate verification of financial data will require a rigorous research process. We are professionals who have been in the investigative field for years and know how, where, and why people choose to hide their money they way they do.

These are just a few scenarios of many that benefit from a thorough and professional vetting. Get in touch to discuss your circumstances and how we can professionally and discretely help you. Contact Us