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How Do Private Investigators Do Background Checks

When you need to run a background check on an individual or company, hiring a PiPro private investigator could be your best option. As professional investigators with over 35 years of experience, we have the skills and resources to obtain verifiable information from reliable sources.


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The importance of background checks

You know people are bringing their A-game when they’re meeting you for a job, negotiating a business deal, or even when applying to be your tenant. Whatever the occasion may be, they’re going ALL IN to convince you that they are the best pick of the batch.


As believable and authentic as they may sound, it’s still a guessing game until you do your due diligence. But guessing puts you and/or your business at risk of fraud or worse. In this day and age, that is simply a risk you cannot afford to take.


Employee background checks

Most companies include background checks for their job candidates as a standard part of their hiring process. While the resume may look great on paper, the background check helps employers verify their candidate’s employment history, credit scores, and other useful info.


Training employees is a resource-intensive endeavour, and the investment in time and money is substantial. Not only that, but hiring employees who are less qualified than what they show on their application could potentially lead to costly operational and reputational mistakes.


Background checks can also reveal other red flags that were not disclosed in the interview process. Such red flags could show a history of dishonesty, fraudulent behavior, and even criminal activity.


PiPro private investigators have the skills, tools and resources to dig deep into an applicant’s background. To a trained PI, exaggerations or omissions on a resume or application are easy to catch. PI’s will promptly report any discrepancies to the employer before onboarding them.


Background checks on businesses

Beyond employee screenings, private investigators can also play a vital role in the functioning of a business. For example, before a company is even formed, a thorough due diligence check on the c-suite execs can provide investors with an assurance of what they’re getting.


If your business is in talks to acquire another company, a corporate investigation may show whether or not it’s safe to do business with them. In fact, your PiPro professionals may even reveal valuable information you can use to your advantage at the negotiating table.


Background checks beyond businesses:

PiPro private investigators do background checks for a variety of other situations. For example, when hiring a new nanny or renting a property to a new tenant, running a background check definitely makes sense.


Not only will it help verify their identities, but you’ll be able to see how they handle themselves financially. A troubling financial and/or criminal past is something that could very well be missed from a good reference or interview.


Background checks are perfectly legal as long as long as there is a signed consent from the person you need it for.

How private investigators do background checks

It is common for private investigators to work with a limited amount of information on their subjects. Private investigators develop a keen eye for details which is crucial to finding clues that could otherwise be missed.


They use a wide variety of tools and resources to aid them in their investigations so that our clients can be fully informed. Below are a few of the ways private investigators do background searches for businesses and individuals.

Online searches

The internet is a powerful source of information for modern day investigators. At PiPro, our professionals keep up with the latest trends and technology. Also, doing these checks online helps keep the costs down.

  1. Powerful databases:
    PiPro investigators use powerful databases that can help them solve cases faster. This gives them access to valuable info like consumer data, public records data, uncovered asset data, and more.
  2. Online checks:
    PI’s also use open source intelligence, which is a special form of doing Google searches. This information is publicly available and can be accessed on the internet from anywhere at any time.
  3. Social media searches:
    Searching social media profiles is increasingly becoming an important part of the background check process. Viewing a candidate’s behavior in a personal setting is a good indicator of their personality beyond the resume.
  4. Online courthouse records:
    Most court documents are available online. However, navigating the system to find the information you need can be complex and time consuming. PiPro PI’s are very knowledgeable on how to access relevant court records online quickly and legally.

Courthouse document searches

When information cannot be obtained online, especially for older files, PiPro investigators can go to the courthouses to obtain physical records. These records can be civil, criminal, property or even minute orders.


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