Nobody ever marries thinking that they may someday get a divorce. When there are children involved divorce can get even more complicated. We can help if you are in the middle of a divorce and you need help to gather evidence that could be used later in court.
Many times a person is seeking proof that their spouse is cheating. But you may not be sure whether you want to get a divorce. You may want to get proof before you make such a life-changing decision. If your private investigator finds evidence of infidelity, it can often make your decision a lot easier. Signing a prenuptial agreement with an “infidelity clause”, may make it necessary for you to have proof that your spouse is having an affair to get the amounts negotiated in your prenup. Pi Pro’s Private investigators can certainly help get this proof.

Prenuptial Agreements in Ontario

We’re often employed in the service of a spouse who either wants to establish a violation of a prenuptial agreement or establish that significant facts were withheld at the time the prenuptial was signed.
If, for example, infidelity is a violation of a prenup, the injured spouse will want to compile proof of sexual activity, establish the duration of the cheating, and account for monies spent if significant travel or presents were a part of the game. And that’s just to name a few good ideas when dealing with a violation that will affect a prenup and divorce proceedings.
On the other side of a prenup might be a spouse who finds out that before they were married, their fiance was hiding large debts. Among other kinds of disclosure failures, hiding debt can be used to nullify a prenuptial agreement in court, freeing the injured spouse from the terms of the agreement.

Those are just two examples of countless circumstances that can arise from a prenup where a private investigator can come in and objectively establish the facts. Every case is unique. If you are beginning or already in a divorce proceeding and have a prenuptial agreement you feel is unfairly burdening you, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.