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December 15, 2020 /

Prenuptial Agreement Toronto

There was a time when a prenuptial agreement in Toronto was a contract that was usually entered into by rich and famous couples. Unless you had a lot of assets under your ownership, a prenuptial agreement could seem like nothing more than confusing and unnecessary paperwork.


However, you don’t need to be an economic wizard to know that tough economic times are slowly but surely enveloping the world around us.


In these times of uncertainty, a prenup can be a particularly useful tool that can help protect your assets and shield off potential hidden debts from your spouse.


Here’s the deal:

Prenuptial agreements can be used by anyone who has personal assets, liabilities, property, or even children from a previous relationship. In the event of death or divorce, the prenup will spell out how each party’s assets are to be protected.


And you know what else?

Besides protecting the assets that are brought into a marriage, a prenup can also be used to protect future increases.


Let’s take a look:

If you’re wondering if a prenup makes sense for you, just considering a few of the benefits:


  • Protects your separate property: A prenup enables you to specify the distribution of assets so in the event of a divorce.
  • Protects you from hidden debt: Married couples share both assets and debt alike. A prenup can help you specify that your spouse’s debt can be treated separately as their own.
  • Saves time and money: Even when both partners agree on the legal issues, a divorce process can be lengthy and costly. A prenup enables couples to address the most important legal hurdles for a much quicker resolution. 


Think about it:

For most newly-engaged couples, it’s perfectly natural to have some anxiety and reservation about your partner. In these uncertain times, making sure you are marrying someone who will add value to your life is not a selfish act. It’s about being financially responsible.


And the good news?

PiPro provides private prenuptial investigative services that will provide the full transparency of your potential spouse’s background and intentions.


Prenup investigative services can also help spot any potential problems that may arise down the road. This way you have more time to deal with the issue before it’s too late.


You might be wondering:

If you didn’t know anything about how a prenuptial agreement in Toronto works, then you’re wondering what PiPro prenuptial investigative services provide. Here are just a few of the services we provide:


  1. Criminal background checks.
  2. Financial checks.
  3. Marriage history.
  4. Hidden children and family checks.


Let’s dive in…

A prenuptial investigation will help you avoid the common pitfalls that new couples make. Having the utmost certainty that your partner has no hidden or unknown financial debts is key to a lasting marriage.


Before you tie that special knot, make sure you call PiPro today to help ensure that you have the legal measures in place to protect yourself and your loved ones from unpleasant surprises.


At PiPro Investigation, we have a deep understanding of how sensitive a prenuptial agreement in Toronto can be. This is why our private investigators go to great lengths to conduct discrete and thorough investigations.


As our client, you can rest easy knowing your partner is really being transparent before you finally tie the knot. Give us a call today at:  416-912-7755 or by email at: