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How Does a Private Investigator Help in a Background Check?

A background check is an investigation process of looking up information about an individual’s professional or personal history. Most times, an employer or a firm hires a private investigator to engage in a background investigation in order to validate or disapprove a claim or identity of a potential employee.

A background investigation includes uncovering prior criminal cases, pre-employment checks, educational history, and personal geography.

Sometimes, an individual can benefit from hiring a private investigator in some cold cases, such as uncovering the real face behind a murder or a sexual assault. It may not involve a murder case. It may be about a missing person or criminal case, or even to assist in an ongoing investigation.

The Importance of Private Background Checks

As an employer or a firm, engaging a private background check may help you in the following ways:

Hire the best-qualified candidate

According to a report by the Society for Human Resources Management, more than average of the resumes received by potential employees contain misleading and inaccurate background data. Leveraging the intelligence of PIs in a background check will help verify the candidate’s credentials before you finally negotiate an offer.

However, a private background check does not only help in hiring the best-qualified employees. The benefits may also include:

  • To avoid negligent hiring
  • To reduce employee turnover and other related costs
  • Recover lost or stolen property
  • Verify a worker’s WSIB claim

2 Common Types of Background Checks in Toronto

Here are some types of background investigations that a Private Investigator in Toronto may help you with:

#1 Investigating Prior Criminal Cases

PI is a unique asset that can prove to be incredibly resourceful in investigating criminal charges, including felonies and misdemeanors.

Sometimes, they can work with law enforcement departments on cases that seem unresolved. They engage discretely, thereby bringing to light new ideas and new pieces of evidence that may be germane in solving such a case.

One of the incredible attributes of PIs is the ability to dedicate time and work tirelessly on a single case until it’s resolved. And since they are not restricted by jurisdiction lines, they go beyond expectations, providing full resources and attention to that case.

#2 Pre-Employment Background Checks

It’s important to know about the criminal records of your potential employee to avoid someone with a troubled history. Hiring an individual with a fraudulent history may lead to further lawsuits, including laundering and a WSIB fraud such as casualty claims and accident benefits claims. Its hallmark is the downfall of such a business.

Leveraging the intelligence of Private Investigators can save you these worries. They can help you conduct pre-employment background checks on a potential employee and help you discover if he/she has been involved in fraud or lied about a credential. PIs can go as far as investigating social media activity and uncover interesting details about such an individual.

Choosing a Private Investigator

These are just a few scenarios of many that benefit from a thorough and professional vetting.

If you need to hire a private investigator, it’s important to look out for a state-licensed and an experienced private investigator.

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