April 9, 2021 /

Could Your Business Benefit From Hiring a Private Investigator?

Running a business in Toronto is tough and crime has been trending upwards in the last few years. Hiring a Private Investigator for your business can be one of the smartest investments you can make these days.


When people go to job interviews, they’re obviously putting their best face forward. However, behind that movie smile and feel-good story may be a dark past that can impact your business and other staff members.


You can’t simply trust them to do their jobs and represent your business brand. Needless to say, you can’t afford to hire the wrong staff and still expect to be competitive in today’s business environment.

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Hiring a private investigator is the best way to screen your prospective employees and keep your workplace safe. At PiPro, our years of field experience in investigations have allowed us to help small and local businesses maintain a safe work environment.


We’d love to discuss all the benefits we can provide to your business by working with our world-class investigative professionals. You can get in touch with PiPro today at 416-912-7755 or by email at:

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PiPro Private Investigators can do a lot more than just screen your job candidates. Here are just a few of the benefits we can provide to your business.


Accurate background checks
At PiPro, we have seen an important increase in fraud and financial crimes. We don’t just pass/fail candidates based on a simple report print out. Our investigators will make sure that candidates really are who they say they are.

Our background checks will detail the candidate’s past employment record to make sure they are qualified for the role they’re interviewing for. In addition, we will scrutinize their financial, criminal and even driving records for any negative details we feel should be highlighted.


Is your business planning a merger or acquisition soon? We can also help provide a corporate investigation on your counterparty’s business and executives.





Staff monitoring

As a business owner, trying to keep tabs on your staff during business hours is both time consuming and ineffective. If your staff works off site such as on bus or delivery routes, then the task becomes all but impossible. After all, you have a business to grow!


But you also know that monitoring employees can actually help increase their productivity and quality of work. When staff know they are being monitored, they will make sure they carry out their functions with more focus and quality.


Over the long run, this supervision turns them into better professionals which can add value to your business.


PiPro can provide businesses with the expertise and resources to help improve operations and limit suspicious activities.


Security system for your building

We live in uncertain times and making sure your business assets and staff are safe is more important than ever. Stolen confidential client documents and expensive computer systems are just some ways that can cause irreparable financial and reputational harm to your business.


At PiPro, we can provide a thorough risk assessment of your business that’s specialized to your specific property. We can quickly spot the vulnerable areas of your building security and assess the quality  of your security officers.


One of the most important aspects of any building security system is the quality of its surveillance. A robust surveillance system can help protect your office from intruders and also provide key evidence in court.


Collection of bad debt

Most businesses run into a bad deal from time to time. How your business bounces back and learns from its mistake will play a big part of its long-term story. However, recovering default payments and past-due debts is a lot trickier than it seems.


Bad debtors can often drag out a legal process for years or they can just vanish from the scene altogether. A private investigator can assist in locating these “missing” debtors by using a skip trace process.


PiPro investigators have advanced training which allows them to use database and internet searches, among many other resources, to locate bad debtors. Our expertise and commitment to client service has allowed us to rack up an impressive record of debt recovery for Toronto businesses.

Think about it:

When people think about Private Investigators, a lot of their impressions are based on what you see in movies. For businesses, the benefits that PiPro services can provide to your Toronto business are real and profound.


If you are looking to even the playing field with your larger competitors, get in touch with our team today.


We’d love to learn about your business and answer any questions you may have. We are confident you’ll come away impressed and with a renewed sense of excitement about your business.


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