November 9, 2020 /

How Identity Verification Is Important for Business Before Recruiting

If you’re actively recruiting for your business, an identity verification process should be among your top priorities. Recent news and studies have revealed that identity theft and data breaches are on the rise across the globe.


If you’re not 100% sure that your candidate’s identity has been verified, you may be putting your home or business at risk. In today’s competitive environment, that’s just not the kind of risk you can afford to take.


Here’s the deal…

Classic methods and services like online background checks provide information that is quite often limited and outdated. The problems compound when you get multiple records under the same name which can result in unreliable data.

The importance of identity verification is crucial for your business

And you know what else?

Relying on old technology and antiquated methodologies is not the strategy to follow if you want your business to come out on top. PiPro Private Investigators can run a professional identity verification on your applicants to ensure that your business is truly hiring the best candidates.


Think about it:

PiPro Private Investigators have been in the investigative research business for decades. They have legal access to detailed records that they can use to verify information provided by employees and/or candidates.


Private investigators can run background checks to verify things including employment history, potential criminal backgrounds, and much more.


PiPro investigators follow a rigorous research process that is second to none in the investigative industry. If you want to mitigate the risks of unwanted surprises down the line for your Toronto business, call PiPro today.

Why you need PiPro Identity Verification

You might be wondering:

As a business owner, your time and effort should be focused on increasing sales and growing your business. You don’t have time to second-guess who your job applicants are.


Here are just a few of the many benefits that a identity verification by PiPro private investigators can offer your business:

  • Adds credibility to your business: Today’s consumer will not hesitate to switch to your competitors if they doubt your trustworthiness. Verifying the identities of your employees will send a signal of how serious you are about building trust.
  • Improved workplace safety: Workplace safety has been trending as a major concern among today’s workforce. A solid background check and identity verification process can help prevent bad actors from even applying to your business.
  • Improve your employee experience: A great employee experience often goes hand in hand with a great client experience. A professional identity verification by PiPro will help increase employee loyalty and satisfaction.

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And the good news?

The process of hiring a PiPro investigator is quick and simple! By calling today, we’ll get you in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.


Help protect your business from fraudsters and provide the positive workplace environment that will attract real talent.


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