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Important awareness about Online dating in Toronto

Online dating in Toronto is now getting common but, there are few things that should be kept in mind while making online relationships. With internet technology and smart devices, a lot about our society has transformed. This includes the ways in which people meet or build relationships. As the general attitude of the public towards online dating has become positive, more people are willing to go online to find love. Today there is a steady rise in the number of people going online for love and online dating is growing in popularity. But with more information online, the breach of privacy is a real possibility. Here is what you need to know about online dating in Toronto or anywhere in the world to protect yourself better.


The profile is usually the most important thing in online dating. It is something that entices the opposite sex to be interested in you and then potentially meet you. But the information you put on your profile may not necessarily be secure. Online studies have found that many put sensitive information on their profiles. Details such as full name, home address, name of your workplace etc. can be harmful if they fall into the wrong hands. Things like sharing photos of you with your loved ones can put the others in danger, especially if they are little children.

Information sharing

Once you have matched with someone, don’t share your private information. Studies have found that people who have been matched part with their personal information such as a phone number easily. Some even ask for personal nudes which shouldn’t be shared that easily. This could be used as ammunition for blackmail etc.

Faking it

It is quite easy for people to lie when they are online. You have no way of validating the things they share, so many get away with it. It is the same as 40-year olds impersonating teenagers to lure in young girls. If you see pictures, it could be a young teenager’s picture, but in real life, they may be a different person. It has been found that many people lie online and for various reasons.


Safety must be of the utmost importance when you are online on dating apps. If you don’t trust a person in real life the same must apply for your virtual self too. You could use strong passwords and a security solution to keep information safe. Also review the information you put online, if it’s easy to identify you through that. If yes, then remove that or tweak it to make it vague.

Risks of online dating in Toronto

The following are the risks of using an online dating platform.

  • Harassment and stalking.
  • Fraud, especially when people ask for money and disappear with it.
  • Sales or spam.
  • Phishing messages and emails.

Precautions for Online Dating in Toronto

Identity and Personal Information

  • Try a username that doesn’t identify you quickly. Don’t use your surname or last name or your place of work.
  • Provocative and sexual usernames could attract undesirable attention.
  • Keep your contact information private. Don’t share email addresses, home address or phone number immediately after matching. Take your time and share only if you are sure that the person is genuine.
  • Don’t talk to people who try to pressure you into revealing personal information or trick you into it. If this does happen, report to the dating site admin.
  • If you access your dating account from a public or shared computer, make sure that your password or other information don’t get into wrong hands.
  • Don’t open email attachments from strangers or people you have just met.


Meeting New People

  • As you are meeting virtual strangers take your time and have faith in your instincts.
  • Be cautious and learn more about people before actually meeting them. Do a web search or if you are a little apprehensive you could get a private investigator in Toronto to look up the person.
  • Sometimes people get online, make fake accounts and ask for money. These money requests are usually on compassionate grounds such as a parent being unwell or a similar reason. But why would someone ask for money from a person they have just met? These should raise red flags.
  • If you encounter suspicious or offensive behavior, go ahead and report it.

Avoiding Scammers

  • Social online platforms are full of scammers and they are looking for only one thing, which is money. Scammers will try to extract money from you in the following ways:
  • They will declare that they love you within a few weeks of meeting you. This means they are trying to get into life for nefarious reasons.
  • They will either ask for money or offer you money. No one offers money for free.
  • They could also be using threats or blackmails within a few days or weeks to get what they want.


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