August 23, 2019 /

Types of Insurance Fraud

Different types of insurance fraud are becoming common these days. Insurance fraud is a serious crime in all jurisdictions where the individual makes false claims to obtain benefits and compensations which they are not legislated to through fraudulent activities such as causing accidents or damage. The claims can easily occur during selling, buying, using or underwriting insurance.

It has existed since the beginning of insurance, greatly affecting the lives of innocent people directly and indirectly. Resultant, the government and other organizations try to prevent such activities as they pose a significant threat and problem.

Different Types of Insurance Fraud
Insurance fraud is committed in various forms, such as:-

  • Car Insurance Fraud
  • Health Insurance Fraud
  • Life Insurance Fraud
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Property Insurance Fraud
  • Over Insurance
  • Council Compensation Claims
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Assisting in insurance investigations is one of the most common reasons companies hire a private investigator. Sometimes they are hired to find out whether the insurance claim that has been filed is fraudulent. Other times we are hired to investigate a possible dispute to insurance company findings
Furthermore, they trust us entirely to safeguard their insurance privileges as well. Our idea is to work within the law and with probity. Private investigators can solve different types of insurance fraud cases. We ensure that our professional investigators will obtain proper evidence that are patent and legally unalterable.