3 Ways PiPro’s Private Investigators Can Help You in Divorce Cases
March 3, 2020 /

3 Ways PiPro’s Private Investigators Can Help You in Divorce Cases

Going through a divorce is a contentious experience that can be a tough decision, especially when children are involved. A decision for divorce can get even complicated by not having precise and enough information. When the truth can mean that a party has to surrender access to children (if any) or pay a compensation fee, it remains expected that divorce procedures are sometimes a result of misrepresentations.

Luckily, with the right information, an impartial and appropriate settlement is achievable. Private Investigators (PIs) can be hired to assist in divorce cases for several reasons.


Gathering Evidence of Adultery

Every state, including Toronto, has no-fault divorce laws that do not need to specify the fault or wrongdoing to approve a divorce. However, sometimes, one or both spouses will be required to specify the marital misconduct and actions of one or the other party before the approval of a divorce. This is referred to as ‘fault at issue’ divorce case. Furthermore, a marital fault may help provide more favorable limits for a spouse bounded by a premarital agreement.

Also, there can be the case of traditional misconduct involving emotional or physical pain, adultery, or imprisonment that was not included in the prenuptial agreement. A judge will require proof of the claimed misconduct. This is where the team at PiPro comes in.

The Private Investigators at PiPro are professionals who can help in gathering evidence of adultery or misconduct. Usually, Private Investigators are hired to prevent the risks linked with investigating misconducts. They are professionals who carry investigation efficiently while abiding by the state laws.

Investigating Suitability for Child Custody

Usually, Private Investigators are hired to help in child custody matters. Spouses can worry about the activities that transpire while the divorce proceeding is ongoing, especially when the child is with the other party.

PIs can investigate to ascertain the state of the child and relay detailed information back to the legal bodies who are backed to put protective measures that guarantee the safety of the child.

Again, PIs can be hired to determine if a child is being abused, especially in the case of an alcoholic individual. Relating proper information to the right body, say a judge in the court, a restriction or denial can be placed from the party to having access to the child.

Asset Search

One of the important areas in which hiring a private investigator company comes in handy is assisting in conducting searches into assets. Whether there are arguments over pending car payments or loan and inheritance, PIs can find out while the divorce process is ongoing.

One of the parties may decide to hide assets in several devious ways. For instance, they may make full payments of an alleged loan to a friend or relative who disguises and is keeping the funds for the spouse until after the divorce is legal. Likewise, they may sell a car whose payments are still pending, recovering it after the divorce.

Private investigators at PiPro access a variety of information to find such assets. From SEC filings and Secretary of State filings, we access several databases in an attempt to determine if there are any hidden assets. Our PIs also search through documents provided by clients to fish out transactions that may be germane to discovering assets that are not disclosed. With this information, lawyers can officially request documents to arrange more accurate plans for their clients to get a favorable share upon granting a divorce.