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Private Investigator Courses in Toronto

According to Statistics Canada, there are currently 70,000 Private Investigators working across Canada. 26,000 of these currently work in Ontario.

Being a PI is a profitable profession, where you contribute to your society and help mitigate crime and fraudster activities.

To be a successful PI, you must be disciplined, attentive, trustworthy, and above all, have exceptional observation & communication skills. Additionally, you must have prior knowledge of technology and how to carry out cyber research. However, keep in mind you must abide by all law developments and rules, as it applies to you.

Perhaps you’re interested in becoming a Private Investigator, and wanting to know all it entails? In this article, we will discuss who a PI is, what they do, and some essential Private Investigator courses in Toronto you can enroll in.

What does a Private Investigator do?

Private investigators provide investigative surveillance as well as thorough facts-finding research services to the public.

Unlike in the U.S., private investigators in Canada are governed provincially.

They serve a range of industries including banks, insurance firms, financial institutions, and many private businesses. Depending on their areas of specialty, they can decide to work closely with attorneys or with law enforcement agencies.

The duties of PIs vary according to their clients’ requirements, and of course, their area of specialization. Legal investigators, for instance, work with law companies, interviewing eyewitnesses, and serving legal papers. Cooperate PIs perform internal investigative surveillance within a firm, and ensure that workers don’t indulge in fraudulent activities, including WSIB.

Their services can also be hired by banks to find missing foreclosure users, and customers who have stopped paying their fees. An interesting prospect for PIs is internet security, where they prevent the activities of hackers and mitigate identity thefts.

Steps Required to be Licensed as a Private Investigator

Highlighted below are the steps required to become a Private Investigator in Toronto, Ontario:

  1. You must be 18 years or older couple with a decent criminal background record.
  2. Obtain a clearance letter at the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) declaring that you’ve not been involved in any crimes.
  3. Take a Private Investigator course or training. You could find a course among those listed in the preceding section.
  4. Pass the Licensing Exam. Visit for more details and a list of testing locations.
  5. Get your certification from the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety after successfully passing the exam. You’ll be required to submit your personal information, including your name, address, and testing completion number.

Are there any Private Investigator Courses in Toronto?

You must enroll in a minimum of 50-hours basic training course in either a university, a college, or a licensed Private Investigator agency. However, make a necessary finding to be sure that the institution is an MCSCS-approved center.

Some of the topics may include Introduction to the industry, Criminal and civil law, Investigative Techniques, and Communication & interaction principals.

Once completed, you’ll be issued a certificate of completion which contains a completion number. Then, you must submit this number at the ServiceOntario to schedule a licensing exam.

Is any cost involved?

Keep in mind that the training course fee is around $250-$500, depending on the institution or instructor.

The exam fee is $75.15 (includes HST), and the License fee is $80.

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