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Process server

Process Severing in TORONTO

The process server was designed as a “messenger system” to notify folks in Toronto, Canada before being summoned to court. In other words, a Constitutional right to be informed before an appearance to a scheduled lawsuit in court against them.
Usually, this notification contains documents that indicate why an individual is being summoned in court. As with a comparison with the old local county sheriff system that was slow and limited in dealing with legal papers, Process Servers provide a more effective system. But what does a Service of Process mean?

What is a Service of Process?

A Service of Process is a legal procedure which declares that a party to a lawsuit must give another party a prior notice when filing a case against them in a court of law.
Usually, the prior notification is delivered through a set of documents, including Summonses, Complaints, and Plaintiff’s Claims, describing the lawsuit to the other party.
For example, if you have a case with another party over a claim of ownership of a property, then you may process your papers to be served in a court of law to exercise jurisdiction over such party. Afterwards, a notification will be delivered or “served” by a Process Server to the opposition party.
Usually, the purpose of getting your papers served is to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant.

Who is Process Server and Why Hire One?

In an assortment of legal tasks such as serving documents or filing court papers, a Process messenger comes in handy.
Process Servers are individuals who give a legal notice, either personally or via substituted services, to a defendant in accordance with the serving laws in such area — thereby requiring their presence before a court or a tribunal.
A Process Messenger or Server is required to always admit to serving a document by preparing a proof of service referred to as an Affidavit of Service. This affidavit of service is notarized and presented to the company or individual as an acknowledgement that the papers have been served.
Process serving laws differ by state, and so, they are required to serve papers in jurisdictions of their province.

Why is Process Serving Important?

In addition to ensuring a proper legal process in Canada and the United States, process serving also ensures that legal papers are served timely and effectively. The relevance of this is that it keeps court activities in order and continuously in order – courtesy of process servers.
Finally, when it comes to hiring a process server, whether an individual or a corporate, there are some tips to always keep in mind. Below, we highlight some of them:

  • Watch out for an experienced Process Severing – feel free to ask questions about the factors that will influence your hiring decision, including their success rates and job completed.
  • Compare costs from different process servers and select the one that meets your spending budget.
  • Watch out for licensed Process Servers.
  • Ask questions about the server’s communication methods.

Need to find a Reputable and Proven local Process Server?

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