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Process Serving in Toronto

If you’re in need of a process serving in Toronto, our team of full-service private investigators located in your Toronto neighborhood is ready to help. With over 35 years of field and corporate world experience, we can ensure that respondents are served their court documents in a timely and legal manner.


If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the legal world, you may think that process serving is nothing more than a messenger service. If you’re not careful, however, even a seemingly “meaningless” mistake could potentially land you in legal hot water instead!


The fact is that no one enjoys having to go to court and some defendants will actually go to great lengths to avoid being served. After all, without a verified serving, the courts have no jurisdiction over them and therefore cannot enter a judgement against them!


Our team of registered process servers are well-versed in the complex laws of process serving. We know how to legally deal with common challenges and can help save you time and money in the process.


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Let’s take a look at what some of the most common challenges that process serving in Toronto entails.

Common challenges that affect process serving in Toronto


  1. Defendant suddenly drops off the map:
    When a defendant knows that a legal case against them is imminent, the thought of skipping town or going for a vacation can suddenly be tempting. But watch out: trying to locate evasive defendants yourself can quickly get complicated.

    For one, you cannot serve papers yourself if you are party to the case. And two, following a person in an unauthorized/unprofessional capacity can end up with the cops being called on YOU.

    Not only that, but once the complaint is filed with the court, you only get a small window of time to serve those documents to the defendant. Otherwise, all your time and effort will be in vain.

    At PiPro, our professionals are well-versed with the complex laws of process serving so we won’t put your case at risk by cutting corners. As for dealing with evasive defendants, we incorporate many resources and techniques like skip tracing and legal surveillance to locate and serve them when they least expect it.

  2. Individuals who resist and/or become violent:
    Locating evasive defendants can be a big problem, but sometimes the problems really begin once you find them.

    What do you do if the person refuses to be served? Do you try to stuff the court papers in their pockets and call it a day?

    Or how should you react when the defendant becomes difficult or even violent? As a civilian, do you fight fire with fire? Should you?

    More often than not, process serving is notifying a party that they’re being sued and that a court appearance is mandatory. Needless to say, it’s not the type of news most people will find welcoming.

    Nevertheless, courts are necessary to protect people’s rights and justice must be served whenever someone has been wronged. A professional process server will help ensure that your legal matter is heard in court.

  3. Local regulations
    Process serving in Toronto can be a complex task on its own. But when the defendant is located in another jurisdiction, knowing it’s local laws and regulations is critical to success.

    The fact is that most people have a basic knowledge of their own local laws and regulations. Knowing the laws in other jurisdictions? Well, don’t hold your breath.

    Process serving across jurisdictions happens more often than you may think. Fortunately, our professional PiPro process servers are available to serve in over a dozen cities!

    The laws between different cities allow process servers to operate within slight different legal limits. What’s more, the regulations are usually being updated on an ongoing basis so knowing what you can and cannot do is crucial.

    When you hire PiPro process servers, you can be sure that we will review the latest regulatory updates of each city we go to. Once verified, we will ensure that our process serving is executed lawfully and that delays or dismissals  are avoided.


Process serving in Toronto is a much more delicate task than people give it credit for. If anything fails along the way, your chances of getting justice at the court are slim to none. Don’t ruin your chances of getting the justice you deserve by hiring an rank amateur to do a professional’s job.


At PiPro, our team of professionals have years of industry experience in dealing with all sorts of individuals and businesses. If you need a professional process serving service, our team is second to none in customer satisfaction.


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