December 7, 2020 /

Using Social Media To Catch a Cheating Spouse

A slew of recently published reports have revealed that marital infidelity occurs in roughly one-third of marriages in Canada. With social media making it easier than ever to meet new people, one can only expect that infidelious behaviors will continue to increase.


Unfortunately, that’s precisely what the research shows.


Social media and mobile devices have had a profound impact on how people cheat. You no longer have to meet in person in order to have an affair. In fact, lots of people are perfectly fine with having a digital-only affair.


Of course, the added flexibility contains one big caveat: the more you go online, the bigger the digital footprint you leave behind. You know those steamy little chats you had while in the bathroom?


That’s right. Those “hidden” chats could potentially be used as evidence against you in court.

Time to call PiPro private investigators

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, your suspicions alone will get you nowhere in court. The problem is that most people lack the time and investigative skills to build a solid case. If you’re not careful, your DIY investigation can backfire against you in a court of law!


You need hard, irrefutable facts to back up your suspicions. This is why more people are turning to private investigative services like PiPro to catch their cheating spouse red-handed and with court-friendly facts.


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Social media red flags of a cheating spouse

Not many people can call themselves a professional private investigator. However, most cheating spouse investigations start with a gut-wrenching suspicion by an affected partner.


There’s no doubt that social media is helping to make cheating a lot more accessible. However, before you blame technology, let’s check out common signs of spouses behaving bad:


  1. Talking with unfamiliar people:
    Engaging in online threads is one of the quickest ways to start interacting with new people. Be on the lookout as a few words from one (or several) of those conversations can develop into routine chat sessions. Before you know it, those friendly chats could potentially morph into intimate conversations.
  2. Your spouse ignores your tags and comments:
    Happy couples often “like” and/or comment on each other’s online posts on social media, especially with couple photos. Ignoring each other’s posts is a tell tale sign that they are probably mad at eachother.A prolonged absence of reactions on social media could be a more serious cause for concern.
  3. Your spouse is hyper-protective of their phone/laptop:
    Respecting each other’s privacy is one thing. Having your partner constantly close their browser or their phone whenever you walk in the room may be a red flag. Obviously, there is a reluctance to let you watch their online activity.It may be that your partner is talking to their mom, OR they could just as well be having a NSFW conversation in some dating site.

How PiPro private investigators use social media to catch cheaters

In the digital age, cheaters take advantage of the many available tools and resources to keep their acts a secret. Chasing after them with old techniques won’t provide the answers you need for the peace of mind you desperately want.

PiPro private investigators benefit from the latest tech tools and training the market has to offer. PiPro uses their tech training and investigative experience to track down cheaters and gather the evidence to vindicate your suspicions.


Social media tracking

Most people think that a simple history delete of their activity will do the trick. Over time, even the most careful cheater will let their guard down and leave them open to be exposed. At PiPro, our private investigators are more than capable of finding and pursuing your digital footprint.

It doesn’t matter how long ago or how frequently you empty your history files, finding the evidence we need is only a matter of time.

GPS Tracking
Most couples have joint ownership of the vehicles they use on a daily basis. With the appropriate and confidential consent by one of the owners, PI’s can track cheaters via GPS systems.

Best of all, the private investigator can do all the monitoring from a remote location thereby maintaining a full level of discreteness.


Cheaters get dumb with their smartphones
Mobile phones and devices make it incredibly easy to form relationships online without your significant other knowing. They provide a lot of convenience if you’re looking to do things away from prying eyes.

Cheaters often get used to using them so much that they forget that mobile devices keep a lot of evidence on them. From repeated phone calls to specific numbers to archives of photos and videos, the potential to find signs of cheating are enormous.



If you have a strong feeling that you are being cheated on by your spouse on social media, contact us immediately. Call PiPro today at: 416-912-7755 or by email at: