what do a skip tracer do
August 26, 2021 /

What Does a Skip Tracer Do?

Finding professional and reliable skip tracers in Etobicoke can be tricky. To complicate matters, many people confuse what skip tracers actually do as a service. As a result, they usually end up wasting valuable time and money trying out other services.


When you really need a professional skip tracer in Etobicoke, time is of the essence.


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What is skip tracing?

The process of skip tracing entails locating a fugitive that is purposely avoiding being located at their home, job, or town. In fact, “skip” is derived from the term “to skip town” and “tracing” refers to the act of locating the skip.


Unlike a missing person’s case, where individuals inexplicably go missing, skip tracers track individuals involved in some form of legal obligation. That being said, you can also employ skip tracing services to locate missing people as many of the techniques are applicable.


Skip tracing is a very specialized process which requires a high level of investigative skills and resources. In addition, knowing how to perform a skip tracing process legally requires an in-depth knowledge of the law.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for needing a strip tracer service in Etobicoke:


  • Criminal fugitives wanted by the law.
  • Individuals not meeting their court-ordered debt obligations.
  • Track people potentially linked to missing assets investigations.
  • Finding a witness for a trial.
  • Individuals skipping child support and/or spousal alimony payments.
  • Finding missing people and rescue operations.
  • Locate a birth parent or a loved one.


As you can see, hiring a professional skip tracer in Etobicoke can make sense for a wide range of scenarios. However, unless you have a good understanding of what skip tracers do, you may end up hiring the wrong service.

What does a professional skip tracer actually do?

When a person tries to avoid a legal obligation by suddenly disappearing into thin air, finding them quickly becomes crucial. They often go to great lengths to cover their tracks and require highly specialized investigative skills to locate them.


Professional Etobicoke skip tracers develop their tracking skills and investigative instincts over many years of working in the field. The process typically involves a combination of online database research and in-person field work.


Database and public records search

PiPro private investigators routinely use database programs to obtain important information on their subjects. Although many sites offer access to free information, the best ones charge some sort of fee. In fact, some sites only grant access to licensed private investigators.


Databases provide valuable data that covers millions of adults which helps PiPro private investigators track down people of interest. PI’s use this info to skip trace their subjects and anticipate their next moves.


Databases are constantly being updated with real-time information from multiple sources. These databases allow you to pull up names, their relatives and associates, and even their contact info. PI’s also get access to asset records, deceased records, and much more.


The Internet

When a professional private investigator goes online to conduct investigative research, their approach is far more technical than your regular Google query. They use a series of search commands that grants them hyper-focused search results.


They also scour social media platforms in search of clues of their current whereabouts and potential plans. These platforms also provide valuable information such as friends and relatives that may have knowledge of the subject’s location.

Skip tracing and surveillance

Once the private investigator obtains sufficient information from their records search, they begin to piece the puzzle together. At this point they should have sufficient information to pinpoint potential locations of their subject’s current whereabouts.


Once a potential location has been defined, the investigator will use advanced surveillance tactics to verify the subject’s location. Professional PiPro skip tracers are well-versed in the legal parameters they can operate within.

Professional skip tracer services at PiPro Private Investigations.

Trying to conduct a skip tracing operation on your own would be asking for a heap of trouble. Violating the laws and regulations that concern privacy rights can backfire on you and make you the villain of the story.


When you need to hire a professional skip tracer in Etobicoke, get in touch with PiPro. Call PiPro private investigators today and start getting the answers you need by calling: 416-912-7755 or by email at: info@pipro.ca.