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What Is Surveillance Investigation?

Surveillance is an investigation process that requires close observation of a person, a scene, or an object to gather some information. For an investigation to be considered a form of surveillance, it requires some techniques and methods. One of the most versatile and relevant skills an investigator can possess is the ability to do his/her job discreetly.

While anyone can engage the practice, it does pay to hire the services of private investigators or security agencies for investigations.

Usually, corporations and insurance firms leverage surveillance in their practices. However, it’s not mandatory to be a business to find the conduct relevant. Depending on the type of investigation, here are a few reasons why surveillance can be beneficial:

  • To uncover the truth-prevent fraud
  • Locate a subject or the site of illegal activities.
  • Prevent a crime from occurring through open or secret surveillance.
  • Gather intelligence for a raid.
  • Child purpose.

Types of Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance for Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies can use surveillance on an individual if the client does not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” or has signed an authorization to permit the company to gather information about a claim. However, private places with signed authorization are restricted.

Surveillance helps insurance companies to deny long-term disability claims of an individual. In other words, it helps them to evaluate the validity of the information submitted by an individual.

WSIB Fraud Surveillance

According to a survey by Injured Workers Online, WSIB surveillance proves that widespread fraud by injured workers is just a myth. (

Corporate entities can leverage the expertise of Private Investigators in detecting the widespread fraud myth and compensation claims by injured workers. For this case study, the Covert surveillance approach is applicable.

Human Resources Investigation

This covers abuse of expense accounts, sexual harassment, falsifying reports, abuse of expense accounts, lying to supervisors or customers, and more. All organizations must conduct these types of investigations regularly and may hire supervisory personnel or staff investigators from a corporate security department.

Background Investigation

This involves checking databases such as credit information, bankruptcies, criminal records of an individual, for example, your employee. Our private investigators can help you with a detailed investigation of any individual in Canada to protect the integrity of your business.


Beyond the types of investigations, there are also several approaches. Depending on the objectives, the following approaches can be used:

  • Secret vs Open Practices – A Secret approach is often applicable in insurance or spousal investigations. Conversely, an open approach is open surveillance such as in-home security systems.
  • Static vs Mobile Practices – Static, just as it implies, involves staying in the same location and observing a subject. Mobile surveillance is the direct opposite of Static investigations.
  • Technical vs Human Approaches – Technical involves leveraging modern technologies such as cameras, voice recorders, and other digital devices. A human investigation, on the other hand, involves directly engaging the source of information.

Work-related surveillances may engage the overt practices using both the human and mechanical assessments. If you’re dealing with infidelity, a covert may be suitable using electronic and technical practices.

The Process of Surveillance Investigation

All investigations and surveillance tasks can occur in the same way. Usually, the investigator will interview the client to receive enough requirements on the objectives of the investigation and prepare a report. Afterward, the subject comes into the agenda and is observed discreetly. Once achieved, the right methodology or approach is engaged.

Surveillance Investigation is not an easy task. That’s why PIPRO is your preferred. We are experts in surveillance with over 20 years of experience both in the private sector and from our time in Law Enforcement. Reach out to us via 416-912-7755 for a FREE consultation and discuss your needs in complete confidence. Alternatively, you may send an email to