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Who Is More Likely to Cheat? Men or Women?

When it comes to marriage infidelity, most polls will show you that men are most likely to cheat on women. The stereotypic view is that men are more reckless while women are more discreet. Of course, polls have a margin of error and we all know that wreckless women and discreet men also exist.


We also know that female adultery happens more frequently than we’d like to acknowledge.

Are more women cheating than men today?

Does this mean that women today are cheating at the same rate as men? Maybe.


It’s perfectly normal to have doubts about the person we share our lives with. However, doing something foolish that can damage your relationship and reputation can have lasting consequences.


The only way to move from a simple suspicion to an undeniable certainty is to gather the hard, relevant facts. At PiPro, we have the skills and technology to execute professional-grade surveillance operations that are 100% discrete and confidential.


Don’t rely on your “hunch”, the only thing you’ll find is trouble. Get the facts by hiring our private investigators to do some surveillance.

Let’s take a look:

A good way to gauge who is more prone to engage in cheating activities is to take a look at some of the most popular causes of infidelity today.

Let’s dive in…


Women and Infidelity in the Digital Age

The internet has made it easier than ever before to cheat on your partner. In fact, many would argue that the net encourages cheating. The online world is packed with websites dedicated to cheating, dating apps, and many other infidelious activities.


The internet makes it easy to coordinate secret encounters during work hours or while at home alone. You can even form a relationship with someone without having to meet them in person. From steamy chats to NSFW videos, there’s actually very little you can’t do online.


Best of all, you can do all this and more from the convenience and privacy of your mobile device.


Dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder are incredibly popular today. Without a doubt, men face a much higher level of competition than women do. As such, they tend to get less attention when swiping around for matches.


Women, on the hand, tend to have their inboxes blown up with messages from potential suitors. Once they start swiping, it won’t be long for them to start engaging with potential matches.


Better job opportunities means more dating options

In the past few decades, the gender gap has decreased dramatically. Whether they are CEOs or small business owners, women have proven that they can stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.


As more women command a greater earnings power and more independence, many are also looking for opportunities beyond their marriages. Having more responsibilities has been shown to be correlated with greater wants and needs.


Infidelity serves as the perfect channel for these women looking to step out of their confined roles as good housewives and mothers.


Despite living in a nice house with a loving husband and family, women will still be prone to cheating. Recent studies have shown the amount of women that have admitted to cheating has gone up by 40% in recent years.


Whether that means that more women are actually cheating or more are just coming out of the woodwork remains to be seen. However, the trend appears to be going higher for the foreseeable future.


The older you get, the more you cheat

Young couples that get married in their teens and early twenties (or before) are at high-risk of cheating on each other. This is not a surprising fact since being young is all about trying new things and figuring out what life is all about.


However, recent studies have shown that women are more likely to cheat in their later years than men. In fact, the average age of cheating women worldwide was found to be about 37 years old. This is about 7-8 years after the average age which couples wed.


Many things can eventually lead to marital infidelity, but lengthy marriages and midlife crises are big factors. With life moving at such a fast pace these days, it can be easy for couples to lose some of their emotional connectivity.

Think about it:

If you’ve noticed that your relationship has been a little “off” lately, it may be time to be on the lookout for tell tale signs of cheating. If your spouse is acting very suspicious and secretive with their mobile phones, it’s probably to start gathering facts.


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