August 26, 2020 /

Advancing Technology and Private Investigator Surveillance

Advancing technology and private investigator surveillance techniques have long been core capabilities that have enabled PiPro to earn a world-class reputation. To maintain our status as Toronto’s premier investigative agency, we keep up with the latest tech and capabilities.


Modern day surveillance has progressed to tracking online activity, using GPS technologies and more.

Here’s the deal:

Just 10 years ago, a large portion of investigative work involved tailing suspects in cars and on foot. Getting the right information often meant relying on gut instinct and using experience to gain an edge in our investigations.

And you know what else?

Many of the common tasks entailed some kind of physical interaction with subjects like process serving, infidelity cases, and even bodyguard roles. Needless to say, this risked putting PIs in potentially compromising or even dangerous situations.

And the good news?

Thankfully, today’s advancing technology enables private investigators surveillance to be performed from more remote locations. Remote surveillance enables PIs to maintain their discreetness while also reducing risk to themselves and the investigation.

PI’s are also able to gather more precise data and evidence on their subjects by tracking online activity, using GPS tracking and audio recording from remote locations.

How technology helps PIs gather information

Think about it:

Whether we realize it or not, technology has become a large part of our daily life. Whether it’s online shopping or keeping up with old friends on social media, most of us use technology now more than ever.

The more tech we use, the deeper our digital imprint becomes. This gives PIs invaluable information that could potentially lead to major breakthroughs in their investigations. Recently discussing with engineering team of an SEO company we hired, we came to know that there’re silent apps that works in the background to track data. Such apps are installed in the mobile as an attachment to another app. This way the user doesn’t know what is being tracked even the camera is on without notice.

PiPro investigative professionals have refined their investigative research techniques that have earned such a solid reputation.

How modern technology improves the efficiency of Private Investigator Surveillance

Here are a few ways software engineer, developers, computer engineers, and hi-tech businesses has improved the scope and effectiveness of investigative surveillance:

Let’s take a look:

  • Hidden cameras: Cameras can help capture both video and audio that can lead to important breakthroughs in cases.
  • Drones: PIs can use drones to monitor moving or stationary targets from remote locations.
  • GPS tracking: GPS devices are discreet and can be easily hidden to monitor a subject’s whereabouts. In addition, most smart phones today contain GPS apps that can be used for easy tracking.
  • Social media platforms: Most people today are active on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. PIs can gleam important information from their subjects such as friends, places they visit, and even their workplace.

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We understand that technology often changes faster than laws do. However, our constant drive to keep up with industry changes will ensure we remain within the bounds of the law.

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