March 23, 2020 /

When Do My Problems Warrant a Private Investigator?

If you find yourself in need of some dedicated investigation services – to discover an insurance fraud, uncover a piece of information, or even go beyond the practice of traditional law enforcement – knowing who can help you is the first step in the right direction.

Private Investigators can be hired to do extra investigation tasks as they are willing to devote all their time to a case until it’s resolved.

They are individuals or firms who work independently and in tandem with law enforcement agencies on cases that require thorough and discreet investigations. Private Investigators offer a range of investigation services, including background checks on people, discovering a WSIB fraud, and corporate investigations. All Private Investigators in Toronto are, however, required by law to possess a valid practicing license.

But when does your problem warrant a Private Investigator?

Investigation Types that Private Investigators can help you do

As we mentioned earlier, private investigators offer a range of investigation services. Below, we discuss them comprehensively:


Private Investigators often engage in background checks of individuals as demanded by other private citizens, potential employers, and law firms. PIs may be hired to uncover a piece of information, conduct interviews, validate or disapprove a claim or identity of someone.

Here’s an illustration: Jane, who has been involved in 2 failed trust relationships, because the partners were not who they claimed to be. She was already involved in financial fraud with one of them – she assumed a trust relationship. This time, she then meets Damien, who they get along so well. She may decide to warrant a Private Investigator for a discrete background check about him to validate who he claims to be. This is to ensure a safer dating experience.


What do you do when a person, say your debtor or a wanted suspect, absconds suddenly? Your best option is to hire a private investigator to quickly locate their whereabouts.

This act of engaging a PI defines what skip trace and locate investigations are all about.

Locating a debtor who doesn’t want to pay back is beyond a local search. Sometimes, it requires an expert, a legal private investigator, helps you find such a person. An experienced PI can locate the person remotely and provide you their accurate location.



Provided you have plans of starting a personal business and unsure about some legal or financial information, an experienced PI can get you on the way. Considering a business partnership? A PI can help you make an accurate verification of financial information of your partner, thereby guaranteeing a safe long-term financial deal.

7 Individual Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator

Highlighted below are a few benefits of hiring a PI:

  • Engage in skip tracing to track down a missing person who may have defaulted on a debt.
  • They can help you serve subpoenas and official documents in courts.
  • They can engage in domestic investigations, including uncovering infidelity and detecting property fraud and theft.
  • Leveraging the intelligence of a PI can save you from the possibility of a social media & Romance scam, especially on dating sites.
  • Child support and custody investigation.
  • Finding a kidnapped or a lost loved one.
  • Fact-finding – the goal of all investigations.

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