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How Pipro Makes a Difference to Your Court Proceedings

Hiring PiPro private investigators can make a big difference to your court proceedings. With more law offices being overworked and understaffed, attorneys are having a tough time gathering quality evidence to build a solid case.


Courts are very busy places and you only have so many days available for the court to hear your case. If your evidence is not on point, you could potentially be setting yourself and your client up for a huge disappointment.


PiPro provides investigative services that can assist attorneys who are pursuing the conviction or vindication of an individual. Their expertise in conducting research, investigations and discreet surveillance can make a big difference in swaying the court’s opinion in your favor.


To find out why having PiPro on your side in court can make a clear difference for your client, keep reading below.


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PiRo Investigators are an asset to law firms

An attorney is well-versed in the legal aspects of a court case. However, they’re usually short on time and resources to do the heavy lifting needed to build a solid case. That’s why experienced attorneys know that hiring a private investigator can be key to winning their court case.


PI’s can be attorney’s boots on the ground with expert skills in information gathering, witness interviews, surveillance and more.


Experts in litigation

Experienced private investigators develop their skill sets by working on a wide range of cases. This expertise can be an invaluable asset to you in court proceedings.


Business litigation cases are notorious for the amount of documentation, court appearances, and legal fees they entail. PiPro investigators are experts in the use of computer programs that enable them to investigate corporate crimes and insurance scams.


Locating individuals

Attorneys often need to locate people for a variety of reasons. PI’s are expert investigators which makes them highly efficient in tracking people down. Whether it’s for process serving, witness interviews or finding an heir, a PI will get the job done quickly.


If the person is actively hiding from the law, knowing how to track them without being detected is crucial to success. PI’s specialize in the art of skip tracing to track dodgy individuals. Once located, the lawyers will have the opportunity to interview, investigate or serve them accordingly.


Locating assets

In addition to being experts in locating hiding or missing persons, a private investigator can also be hired to locate missing or hidden assets. Whether it’s an ex-business partner or a bitter spouse, valuable assets may be hidden illegally from their rightful owner.


Hiring a PI for their expert investigative skills can really put you ahead of the curve in recovering these “lost” assets.


In other cases, a lawyer may wish to garnish a person’s wages or seize an asset to satisfy a previous judgement. A PI can assist by using their database expertise to search for assets of comparable value. These can often range from offshore bank accounts to yachts.


Discreet surveillance

Surveillance  videos provide some of the most compelling evidence to identify, arrest, indict and convict individuals. But if you don’t have the skills and technical resources to conduct your surveillance, your chances of success will be slim to none.


Surveillance works best when your target is totally unaware that they are being watched. Cases involving insurance or a cheating spouse make professional surveillance a key tool in the investigation.


Working with PiPro makes a huge difference

Attorneys who frequently work with private investigators can build a strong case in a short amount of time. This allows attorneys to focus on their core strengths which includes studying the case details and how they can play out in court.


PiPro investigators have been helping attorneys build strong cases with clear, concise reports that are valuable resources in a court proceeding.


Clients are not always familiar with the slew of legal terms being used in their discussions with lawyers. A good PI, however, knows how to summarize large volumes of information in a way that both clients and lawyers can understand.


By promoting transparency, PiPro investigators can  ensure that attorneys build stronger relationships and credibility with their local community.


strive to make all their finding transparent ensures transparency that builds trust between the client and the attorney.



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When you need to win an important court case, you can’t rely on rank amateurs with no proven track record. At PiPro, we have built our reputation on our excellence of service and the quality of evidence we are able to obtain.


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