June 1, 2020 /

How to Protect Yourself From Insurance Frauds

Insurance fraud investigations have been on the rise in recent years. Whether it’s due to the tough economic times or just more people looking for easy money, it affects everyone because it increases the price of insurance.


Insurance fraud investigations center around crimes committed by people who attempt to profit from fake or inflated insurance claims. Not only are insurance companies paying out billions in fraudulent insurance claims, but they also have to deal with the risk of being sued since they are also being held liable in staged accidents.


This is why insurance companies will go to great lengths to study every minute detail of every case before they pay out a claim. Obviously, this type of research is labor and resource intensive.


At PiPro, we provide professional investigative assistance to help prevent insurance fraud scams that hurt companies trying to do the right thing as well as helping clients safeguard their insurance privileges.


How PiPro private investigators can help protect you from insurance frauds


  1. Get the answers you need quickly and effectively:
    Getting the evidence you need to prove or disprove a claim can be a time-consuming process. Companies are often limited in the time and resources they can dedicate to these types of investigations.Furthermore, most employees simply do not have the experience or skills to do a thorough and effective investigation.On top of that, you have a short window of time to provide the proof you need or else your company will have to payout a potentially fraudulent claim.PiPro investigators have been dealing with insurance fraud schemes for over three decades. Not only do they know every trick in the book, they are also skilled in the prevention of fraudulent claims which can save you lots of money.
  2. Obtain the irrefutable proof you need to win in court:
    It’s an unfortunate fact that there are many unscrupulous people that will go to great lengths in order to get some money. Even if that means implicating you regardless of whether you are actually involved or not.However, without the proper evidence, you are at the mercy of these fraudsters so making sure you have a capable team of professionals like PiPro will ensure that you come out victorious in any potential claims.Once a judge verifies that the evidence you have presented is 100% fraudulent, you can be assured that your interests are in good hands.
  3. You are working with a dedicated professional:
    When you work with a PiPro private investigator, you can rest easy knowing that you have a professional who is dedicated to collecting the evidence and data that will help protect your interests in court.Private investigators are licensed individuals that have been certified to conduct insurance fraud investigations. Not only do the pros at PiPro have tons of experience, but they also keep up with the latest technologies and trends that will keep them one step ahead of fraudsters.
  4. Bring an end to insurance fraud behavior:
    Insurance scammers are persistent individuals. This is why it’s so important that you always remain on vigilant or potentially fraudulent activities which can have an adverse effect on your personal life and your finances.This type of activity costs Canadians, businesses and insurance companies millions of dollars each year. By routinely preventing and catching these scammers, private investigators help society at large with their investigative skills.
  5. Effective surveillance:
    One of the principal strengths of a private investigator is their incredible ability to conduct surveillance without being detected. Using a mix of experience, skills and technical resources, PIs can follow their targets quietly and effectively.

    Insurance companies hire PiPro investigators to keep tabs on people who are suspected of filing fraudulent claims and gather supporting evidence against them.When the stakes are high, it pays to hire PiPro investigators to carry out the surveillance and evidence gathering to confirm whether or not the suspect is being truthful.
  6. Review of documents:
    Anyone who has worked with insurance companies is well aware that going through the tons of paperwork they require can be a daunting task. It’s no surprise why many people often miss important clues and information that could have been used to prevent a fraudulent case.Fortunately, our experts at PiPro are not only well-versed in insurance paperwork, but they are highly detail-oriented and are professionals trained in gathering valuable information.Whether it’s finding hard to see discrepancies in forms or identifying forged documents, a private investigator can review even the most complex paperwork to discover important information that will help insurance companies and clients prevent a potential fraudulent scheme. 

At PiPro, we provide professional guidance and assistance for individuals and companies that are concerned about the truth.  


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