June 29, 2020 /

Long Distance Relationship and Cheating

One of the major reasons people across the universe avoid being in long distance relationship is the fear that their partner will cheat due to the distance involved.

40% of all long distance relationships fail for several reasons, including infidelity cases.

Now that’s some big figures but wasn’t meant to trigger your fears. The big question, however, is whether or not people in long distance affairs cheat more than people who date folks around the neighborhood?

Really, distance isn’t much of a barrier – it’s more of the personality of your spouse. This means, if they are a cheater, chances are that they will likely cheat again.

What is considered as “Cheating?”

Commonly agreed upon, cheating or infidelity is the act of being physically intimate with another person other than your partner.

Esther Perel, Ph.D., in her book The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, says “cheating typically involves at least one of these three elements: secrecy, emotional involvement, and sexual alchemy.”

Now, what then are common hints to watch out for – any help?

5 Common Red Flags in Long Distance Relationship

So, you’re wondering if your lover is cheating on you?

Perhaps you suspect a noticeable unusual act in your spouse’s attitude or words. Or they talk often about a new “friend” in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you feel something isn’t right but can’t even think around the situation, or have a guess what could be going on.

Below are some common red flags to watch out for in your long distance relationship. However, keep in mind that these signs don’t necessarily mean that your lover is cheating on you or is untruthful, but don’t be caught unaware!

#1 A Sudden Change in his or her Communication Patterns

  • Has your partner stopped saying “I love you,” or saying it much more often than before?
  • Have they stopped initiating sexy time together?
  • Have they started traveling for work much more than often?
  • Have they switched the times they call you – perhaps they switched from calling you in the morning to evening?

#2 Busy Phone

Since it’s a long distance relationship, a guess is that phone is your basic medium of communicating with your partner. If that’s the case, it might just be easier to know when your partner starts cheating on you because his/her phone will always be busy.

Of course, they will start avoiding you and giving you a “busy” attitude. Moreover, if their plans don’t involve you anymore, it might just be time to give it a pause.

#3 Your partner won’t declare their relationship with you on social media

If they don’t declare their relationship with you on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, he/she might be cheating on you.

Moreover, if they are active on these networking platforms but they seem to reluctant about updating their personal information, you should be suspicious.

#4 One-sided visits

If your partner often talks about a “friend” in particular and about spending time with that person, it could be a sign that they are cheating.

It could even be that you visit them more than they come to your place. Or they give you reasons and excuses for not coming to your place, and why they don’t want you to come. It could just mean that they have another person in their life.

#5 Start Picking Fights

Sometimes, a cheating partner will pick a fight over minor issues or any slight chance they get. Keep in mind that a cheating spouse will always use arguments as a coping mechanism.

The reason for this is simple; to have a cause to end the relationship or that they choose to be a victim of the happening.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator for Infidelity Cases

An experienced private investigator can often obtain needful pieces of evidence in less time and not connect on an emotional level. Moreover, the proof obtained will likely be more tangible than what you could provide on your own.

The PI may be able to take images or video of the cheating behavior or one that is suspicious. Additionally, they can go ahead to prepare a detailed report presentable before a court of law.

Consultation with a Private Investigator for Long Distance Relationship

Before you choose a private investigator to work with, you must have a consultation period with him or her. With this, you can discuss your case in detail, including your partner’s location, workplace, regular activities & hobbies. Most importantly, you can discuss the quotes for the job before they commence working on your case.

PiPRO private investigators offer infidelity investigation services in Toronto. Maybe you suspect but don’t want a confrontation, our professionals can conduct surveillance services with modern techniques. We can monitor the social media presence of your partners, and reveal the identity of the person involved in their infidelity.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality and discretion for all of our clients. Hire a PI to resolve issues in long distance relationship with peace of mind today!