March 30, 2020 /

Security Consulting & Assessment by Private Investigators

Some quick facts about threats and risks:

  • According to Statistics Canada, 70% of data breaches affected small businesses, with fewer than 100 employees.
  • Approximately 55% of your company’s losses are due to employee misconduct and errors.

An experienced and licensed Private Investigator can help with everything on security-related issues as they relate to both private and corporate firms. From providing risk analysis & mitigation services to security consulting and assessment and offering strategies on security issues. Even more!

Risk Management and Mitigation

Risk Management is a process that involves identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks. It includes preparing ahead of time how risks will be mitigated and managed effectively.

Unlike the risk avoidance technique that aims at preventing a risk from occurring, Risk Mitigation reduces the possibility of a risk occurring, and/or reduces the effects of a risk event to an acceptable limit. In other words, risk-mitigating is applicable in scenarios where risk is both sizable and inevitable.

Risk mitigation actions can be very costly and time-demanding. And so, it must be managed by an expert.

In addition to engaging advanced mitigation tools, a licensed Private Investigator can help you manage your risk events by preparing an ongoing risk management plan, even after a qualitative risk assessment is evaluated.

Ultimately, risk management aims at risk mitigation.

Security consulting and assessment

Many companies, whether small businesses corporate, whose systems are linked together to keep activities running often face constant security threats as they share each other’s resources.

You may think that small businesses are not vulnerable to attacks and threats, that’s incorrect! They are more susceptible to risks than corporate businesses.

When it comes to identifying such vulnerabilities and attacks, think security security consulting and assessment.

Security assessment includes the periodic analysis that tests your business’s security strength. These tests include checking for attack methods and types of malware used, vulnerabilities in the IT systems and business, as well as possible ways to mitigate future risks. While your IT team can be trusted to resolve this threat, the services of a third-party security firm can also be deployed to effectively tackle such vulnerabilities.

Private Investigators can be hired to conduct a thorough security consulting and analysis for your business. Security security consulting and assessment services offered by a PIPRO may include the following:

  • Policies, procedures, and other administrative controls
  • Change management
  • Performing a penetration test
  • Architectural reviews
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Preparing security audits
  • Security review and testing

Importance of Security Consulting

Highlighted below are a few important reasons you should be conducting regular security consulting for your business:

  • For Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • To keep up with new threats
  • To detect security breaches
  • Performing Internal Security review and personnel security
  • To identify gross misconduct such as theft & fraud, breach of safety protocol, and damage to property in your company


Need to hire a Private Investigator for Security Consulting?

PIPRO is a licensed and insured security firm, offering world-class customized services to resolve customers’ concerns. We proudly serve both private and corporate businesses that need security consulting and assessment. With over 15 years of providing security consulting services and mitigating thefts & risks, we can help you minimize loss and keep ongoing theft at bay.