June 16, 2020 /

How Lawyers and Private Investigators Go Hand in Hand

Private investigators are commonly viewed as individuals who are somehow able to step beyond the laws and behaviors that everyone else is bound to. If you look at most TV shows and movies, they often engage in tactics that would be considered shady or even illegal.

For what it’s worth, these exaggerations do help make fictional shows and movies more exciting to watch which improves their ratings.

In real life, however, private investigators are licensed professionals that are very much bound to the same laws as everyone else. In fact, most businesses that offer private investigative services like PiPro actually come under additional scrutiny to ensure that all their activities are 100% legitimate.

How private investigators help law firms

When you are involved in a legal dispute, having a lawyer on your side can be crucial to winning your case. After all, they are licensed professionals that are well-versed with your state laws and are dedicated to defending you in court.

However, lawyers are often handling multiple cases at once which can limit the time and resources that they can allocate to handling your particular case. This is why they often hire professional private investigators like PiPro who have the expertise and knowledge to obtain crucial information that can help bolster their case on behalf of their clients.

As you will see, lawyers and private investigators go hand in hand in obtaining the documentation and evidence needed to build a solid civil or criminal case.

How private investigators help lawyers

For lawyers who are trying to stay one step ahead of their opponents in court, hiring a PiPro private investigator can be a real game-changer. help lawyers in the process of making informed decisions on behalf of their firm and business partners.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that private investigators provide crucial assistance to lawyers.

  1. Collect information:
    Private investigators are commonly believed to have special access to special databases and personal records that are not available to the general public. The reality is that they do not have any privileged access to information; they’re just really good at what they do.Private investigators are able to compile publicly available information to help lawyers build a strong case. Not only are they very effective, but they also take great care in making sure that the information they gather is 100% admissible in court.
  2. Process serving:
    A Service of Process must be successfully executed in order for your case to be heard in court. They give the defendants a formal notice that a pending lawsuit has been filed against them. Failure to show up in court on the specified date may result in a default judgement decided against them.A proper service of process requires that the defendant is actually served with the legal documents. Otherwise, the case may end up being dismissed.As lawyers are usually strapped for time they prefer to rely on the services of private investigators who specialize in tracking and finding people who try to evade getting served.
  3. Discreet surveillance:
    One of the hallmarks of being a successful private investigator is the ability to monitor the activity of suspects without being detected. By obtaining insights of a person’s character and recent activities, a private investigator can reveal key details that could potentially determine the outcome of a divorce case.Law firms routinely use this type of information to decide what their next steps will be or to strengthen their case.
  4. Locate hidden assets:
    When you’re dealing with a case that involves a messy divorce or a combative business partner, the “sudden” disappearance of assets is quite common. PiPro investigators count on decades worth of experience in knowing how to recover lost assets.By using legal methods to help lawyers recover missing property, money or even jewelry, private investigators can help increase the chance that the case will have a favorable outcome.
  5. Obtain digital evidence:
    Lawyers count on PiPro private investigators because we keep up to date with emerging technologies and trends, including the use of social media. As most people these days use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, they can provide key details of the person(s) under investigation.We often combine the information obtained from a background search with the additional social media data. By doing this, we can form a more complete profile of the subject and make a stronger contribution to the case.

At PiPro, our private investigators have helped hundreds of lawyers build a strong case for their clients. By using our technical skills and resources, we make significant contributions to help uncover the truth in a wide variety of situations.

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