June 9, 2020 /

Process Serving Becomes Easy Now in Brampton by Hiring Pipro Private Investigators

The role of a process server is by no means a simple and comfortable job that you can just take for granted. After all, they are tasked with serving legal documents such as subpoenas, summons, divorce papers and even restraining orders to a party of a lawsuit.

When you hire PiPro private investigators in Brampton, process serving becomes easy. With over three decades of experience in the investigative field, our team at PiPro will ensure prompt and professional execution of your service of process.

Getting to know process servers

Most people outside the business and legal worlds may not be very familiar with the importance of finding the right process servers. As a result, too many of our fellow Toronto residents misunderstand their roles and hire the wrong people to do the job.

Unfortunately, too many of these cases end up being dismissed.

That being said, process servers have a vital role when it comes to upholding due process of law. When executed properly, a service of process essentially confirms that an official jurisdiction has been established over the defendant.

At that point, defendants are legally required to appear in court at a specified date. Failure of the defendant to appear will usually result in the plaintiff requesting a default judgement against them.

However, getting defendants properly served is a lot more tricky than it sounds. Unless you’re a professional process server, the odds will be stacked against you.

The difficulties of process serving

You don’t have to be a professional lawyer to know that defendants aren’t always in the best of moods once they’ve been served. In some cases, the defendant may resort to a game of cat and mouse to avoid being served with the documents in question.

In other cases, however, these confrontations can potentially turn dangerous and even deadly.

Our team at PiPro are seasoned professionals who take all the necessary precautions to mitigate potential risks of escape or aggression on the part of the defendant. We focus on getting the process served as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Over the years, we have seen defendants try every trick in the book against our clients. However, our solid knowledge of the law and our experience in professional private investigations have earned our team at PiPro an impressive success rate in the Toronto area.

Why you need PiPro Private Investigators for process serving

Here are just some of the benefits you get when you hire our professional team of PiPro Private Investigators.

  1. Skilled in tracking people down:
    One of the most basic yet fundamental skills that a private investigator develops is the ability to track assets down. These assets can be in the form of documents, vehicles, and of course, people.Going to court is generally not a fun experience. It can cost a lot of time, money and even jail time if things don’t go your way as a defendant. This is why people will go to great lengths to avoid being served a process.As skilled trackers, PIs will often show up in your exact location to serve your documents without giving you a chance to even blink first.
  2. Blend in with their surroundings:
    The best private investigators have developed the skill of being inconspicuous to an art form. You may have passed right beside them in a crowd but you would have never imagined that they were on your trail.At PiPro our years of experience have taught us to remain anonymous to our target’s eyes and take great care to not draw any unwanted attention. No matter the level of cleverness our target may have, we have the resources and tactics to make our process serving as foolproof as possible.
  3. Private investigators make the best process servers:
    Private investigators are the ideal professionals you need to carry out your process servicing requirements. The fact that many of them at PiPro already have extensive police and law enforcement backgrounds makes them more suitable to face the potentially dangerous or tricky tasks they have to deal with.In fact, PiPro investigators have developed the skills and knowledge that enables us to partner with our local law enforcement teams with our process serving services.In this sense, our police force can focus on what they do best which is helping people and reducing crime. At PiPro, we can better focus on serving our clients.

At PiPro, we have a deep respect and understanding of the rule of law. Unlike other private investigator offices, we do not agree with the premise that you need to engage in shady or unlawful practices in order to serve our clients.

Our team of investigators rely on our multiple decades of experience and knowledge to provide the highest level of service to our local businesses and clients. Our investigators are highly trained and motivated to establish PiPro as the premier private investigator services in the city of Toronto.

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